i am not like the other girls.

This is a fact that when I was little bothered me quite a bit. My standout-ness followed me well into my career and here was the life changer- Now I just don't care.

I realized at the very beginning of offering boudoir and intimate photography that there was a code to this. If you didn't follow, others would judge your vision. I just have never been good at coloring in the lines.

I don't like the narrative that women that seek intimate sessions either have to be doing it only for self love alone, or there was a modesty that needed to exist. I don't believe that.

First and foremost I am a storyteller. I like raw, emotive energy and real moments.

That is what I facilitate.

I also believe that women are allowed to be sexually expressive out in the open.

It doesn't matter to me ever why you came, only that you did.

To tell your story in such a way that you recognize all the good stuff when you see it.

That you recognize your power and magic.

That is my shit.

you do not have to fit into a box.

Intimate and honest boudoir photography that celebrates expression and storytelling

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“The earth has never stopped moving, growing, evolving for anyone and neither should you.”



“Not only are the pictures amazing, but emotional too. Thank you for allowing me to be both broken and beautiful. Viewing these tonight was a healing experience that I will treasure forever. You are amazing friend, and cannot thank you enough for allowing my soul to show.”



These type of sessions are not for amataeur photographers.

When you book with Bare you are booking with the absolute best in the business.

Internationally Published and Recognized, we know how to listen to your desires and also see your glow and capture not only the best but the rawest version of you.

Only the pros can do that, mama.

This will always be more than a photo shoot to you. We promise that.