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Being a photographer means a hell of a lot more than taking pictures.

I know that the first time you used a decent camera and someone told you the photos were awesome, it made you feel great. A feeling you may have never felt before.

That can be super exciting.

It is when you dive head first into this industry that you start to understand how in-depth and overwhelming it can be.

Running a photography business is not for the faint of heart.

I constantly have students ask me what type of camera they should upgrade to.

If you are shooting full frame, you should 100 percent invest in education before you spend money on anything else.

The best money I ever spent, ( not the $1000 on presets-ha!) was for a mentor.

I had two mentors. One was for business and the other was for the aesthetic of my work.

Invaluable. Invaluable. Invaluable.

I am so glad you are here friend.

You looking is at least recognizing that you have the desire to get better.

That you have to want-to to provide the best for your customers.

I cannot wait to work with you.

Hi, I am Sarah maverick.

I am an imperfect and embracing it mom of 3 who is on a mission. I have set out to take the most beautiful photos of mamas and make them realize their own beauty in the process. I am not just a Dallas Newborn Photographer, I am a lover of photography. It is my passion. I promise you, that makes a difference.I feel grateful for my clients who share their stories with me and blessed that I have the opportunity to earn a living doing something I love. I love highlighting real moments and unassuming details in my work. I live in a little house in Rowlett, Texas where you can usually find me snuggled up under blankets with my 3 babies or binge listening to 90's music.


Sarah is an award-winning Lifestyle and DFW Newborn Photographer in Dallas, Texas. Her work can be seen in publications such as The Bump, Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, and Southern Motherhood Magazine. She has been named one of the Top 10 Authentic Family Photographers in the country. in 2020, she has been named one of the Artists of the Year for Unraveled Academy.

Her work is known for it's true to life color quality,raw content, and emotion.  

She is a leader and mentor for the BEC Photography Community. She also donates her time and sessions to the Spectrum Inspired Community for Families of children on the Autism Spectrum. 

let's teach you how to translate shooting into art into sales.

Sarah is a mentoring goddess.

Sarah is a mentoring goddess. When I started her program, I had the basics of shooting down, but I needed help with finding my editing style and getting my work more consistent. Before I started her program, I was hand editing everything in photo shop, and nothing about my work really stood out. Now that I’ve completed the mentoring program, I’ve been featured in multiple places like The Bump and Bold, Emotional, Colorful. I have also gotten so much better at marketing thanks to her advice, and have started to book full sessions and filled up my holiday mini sessions, all within my first 6 months of officially being in business.

My shooting has also come a long way since Sarah convinced me to shoot wide open. I look back at my work from before I met Sarah, and it’s like I’m a completely different photographer. I’ve come so far and I have her to thank.

Sarah truly changed my life as well as my business, and I can’t recommend her enough. She helped me with everything, including building my site, walking me through her editing process, logo creation, finding my target market, as well as recommending sites to use for gallery delivery and to get published. She really knows her stuff and will work hard to get you to exactly where you want to be as a photographer.

AnnaMarie Stephens

“Sarah is friggin awesome! Sarah’s help was a complete game changer for my business! Sarah takes the time to truly think about each individuals personal business needs. Her advice is not generic, it’s specific catered to me! Y’all, SARAH IS BRILLIANT! I am truly lucky to have mentored under her.”

build a brand that feels like you.

offer products that take the guess work out for the customer while making you stand out in your area.

build a brand that feels like you.

offer products that take the guess work out for the customer while making you stand out in your area.

“Beyond her sheer talent and unique photography edits, Sarah has the most luxurious and finest products.
She completely takes the guess work out of bringing your investment into your home”

Art and execution

Who are you?
This is where we find out.
These one on one sessions will dive into your voice and your why.
Editing and Post processing

$250 for 2 hour session

Business and branding

What are you selling?
Us as creatives are generally not great at the business portion of running a business.
That is over with this class.
Social Media Presence
Pricing for profit

$250 for 2 hour session

Social Media Marketing

Who is listening?
When you are ready to book there is an ecosystem you need to build around yourself that makes finding customers effortless

Targeting ideal client
Running effective ads
Emotional advertising

$250 for 2 hour session

website Build

Full buildout on Pixietset, Wix, or Showit platform
Logo Assistance
Mini Social Media Spruce up

Starting at $550

website critique

Detailed website reviews with printable report following.
what to add and what to remove from website
brand recognition
Real time examples
Plan to action


Social Media Spruce up

Detailed social media refreshing.
Cover video for FB
Full report on what we are going to fix
Deleting old content
Scheduling daily posts
Content posting calendar


full 12 hour program.

Art and Execution

Business and Branding

Social Media Marketing

Current website critique

Social Media Spruce Up

Local Photographers Includes:

Live on site mentoring during a styled session

Updated Headshot.


Photo by Jeanna Johnson Cater

the very best in the business.

Voted one of the top 10 family photographers in the country, Sarah takes her place in the photography world as not only a worker, but a mentor and teacher. She strives to provide education and support to new photographers, and stressing the importance of empathy for your customer and becoming emotionally invested in your client. Her work and teaching yields the truest and most emotional of results.

She wants you to feel.

you must be vulnerable.

You will never get a vulnerable customer until you are a vulnerable photographer. Open seeks open. The moment that you become transparent and accepting your client will also. We all want to tell our story, we are just picky with who gets to tell it.

Photo by: Ashley Rhea Howland

thank you for showing me my worth.

Thank you to Sarah Maverick for showing me my worth. You were my first mentor. You are such an inspiration and an amazing teacher and friend. I love you to pieces!

-Stacie May

workshops and classes

The truest story

Due to Covid 19, The Truest Story has had to take a pause. This class will still take place and I am eager to have it when that happens

stay tuned

Stay tuned for my class coming in February 2021 to the Unraveled Academy!

"Speechless. This woman and her photos and her products. I am so grateful."

Heather D.

"Speechless. This woman and her photos and her products. I am so grateful."

Heather D.


how many students do you take a year?

Currently I only take 12 students a year or two a month. With a full shooting schedule I feel that any more would result in sub par results.

I have been a photographer for 10 years but am not booking, is it too late for this?

Absolutely not. You can learn at any age or at any point in your career.

Can I extend the session during our meeting?

No, I will have very strict times on mentoring but you are welcome to book another session!

How can i pay you?

I am able to process checks, credit cards, cash, or PayPal. Just let me know what works best for you!

Do I need any knowledge prior to being mentored

Knowing how to shoot in manual mode. A full frame camera is extremely reommended but not required.

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