Covid. oh, covid.

If I could tell you a year ago that I would think that my business would have suffered due to a virus that we didn't know about yet, I would have called you a liar. But here we are.

While Covid had made things way harder to navigate for Dallas Newborn Photographers, it has forced us to do something that we don't do so often. Especially after we are in our groove.

We have had to completely think outside the box!

Honestly, I think it is somewhat of a good thing.

I think with this job and really any job, you have the tendency of going through the motions.

This virus had forced Dallas Newborn Photographers to take a good look at processes and get very creative.

I think that creativity during this time is a very good thing.

I know that as a mama pregnant with their babe you are probably terrified that you aren't going to have a Dallas Newborn Photographer that can take photos of your newest little one.

I have good news.

We can still make it happen!

And even though Dallas Newborn Photographers are finding unique ways to provide awesome service, I do remember that feeling.

When my son came, we were considered high risk, so thankfully I was able to get my Dallas Birth Photographer right up to the door to take photos but she wasn't allowed in the room.

I was bummed. I had this idea of exactly what I wanted for my Dallas Birth photography. This was my only baby I had ever hired a birth photographer for, and my very last baby also.

But, those photos are so special to me. And I cherish them.

So what exactly are Dallas Newborn Photographers doing to make sure we keep you safe, but sill provide the service you so long for?

Here are four creative ways that I am currently keeping you sweet mamas happy!

through the window sessions

This is such an awesome option for any Dallas Newborn Photographer that is feeling stuck and doesn't know what to do. For this season with sweet Clara, I never entered the house or touched the baby. I shot through the windows of the house having mom and dad come to the window with sweet girl. PRO TIP: Watch for window glare. This can be a killer. Make sure that you are choosing the best time of day or recommend this to your Dallas Newborn Photographer.

Baby Clara sweet as ever shooting at her kitchen window.

Outdoor dallas newborn photography

I think that people in general get scary about this, but I can tell you, it is gorgeous. As a seasoned Dallas Newborn Photographer, I always think that my outdoor newborns yield some of the prettiest and most unique newborn photos I see.

And here is a little secret: Newborns love the outdoors.

This is such a great and safe option right now for Dallas Newborn Photographers.

All the drama for Joanna's outdoor Dallas Newborn Photography session.

social distancing indoor session

I will tell you that shooting an entire Dallas Newborn Photography session indoors wearing a mask and not handling the baby is not the most fun you will ever have, but it is doable.

In this situation, I am making sure that I have scrubbed in with medical grade soap as well as wear a mask the entire time.

I do not handle the baby at all, and direct you how to wrap and place the baby!

Throughout the Dallas Newborn Photography session, I use hand sanitizer and wipes to keep my own work area clean.

As a Dallas Newborn Photographer, I will tell you, this is not the coolest workspace I have ever had Ha! but it works for now.

The safety of my babies far outweighs my comfort level.

Keeping a great social distance at The Foster's in-home Dallas Newborn Photography Session.

plan for an older dallas newborn photography session

I know this one doesn't sound awesome but I am telling you, it totally is.

Little secret between friends? I really love older newborn sessions!

The babies actually interact like little humans and you are able to see so much more of their personality.

As a Dallas Newborn Photographer, I feel like it is a great compromise.

With Dallas Lifestyle Photography, we use baby led posing techniques so we aren't bound to rigid posing. We can just document your precious little family that is still precious when baby is 3 or 4 months old as 3 or 4 weeks.

Baby Ruth at her 4 month Dallas Newborn Photography session.

covid was never the plan.

You are more than in your right to grieve the loss of your plan and the dreams of your heart.

This is a really tough time for all of us and I cannot imagine being pregnant and bring a baby through all of this.

But, I think that silver linings are important.

They are important in anything like this.

And here is one: We can still do the pictures mama.

We are still here for you.